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Your Online Presence

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Your online presence is basically an accumulation of all online marketing efforts. For instance, your website, your social media, listings in online directories. Recently at a marketing conference, someone said people don’t ‘go’ online anymore, they ‘live’ online. Gone are the days when you logon to your computer to check your emails… online is only ever one click away! With this in mind, it’s so important to have a good online presence. Take a look below for my suggestions for good places to start:

Website: This one is easy… most businesses will have a website. Whether it’s a simple portfolio website or an online store you need to ensure your website is being seen. To do this you need to work on your SEO (or get someone in the know to do it for you) this is the process of ensuring your website is seen by search engines and ranks highly for organic searches. Make sure you regularly update your website with interesting content such as blogs and news. Search engines love websites that have new content and will reward you for it!

Social Media: How many accounts do you have? You may have signed up for every social media platform but only use Facebook? Try and only sign up for the accounts relevant to your business and once signed up make sure you update with content consistently. An account with one post 4 years ago doesn’t look great to a potential customer and may put them off… if you don’t use an account and don’t plan to personally, I would delete it!

Online Directories: This may be the local village website, or it may be yell, or both! Spend some time working out which online directories would be beneficial to your business and get listed! A great one is Google My Business. When you search on Google and a listing comes up with pictures, a button to call, a button for directions… that’s a Google My Business listing! You can add images, opening times, events, call to actions and it shows reviews. You can download the Google My Business app to manage your listing and keep track of views and clicks etc.

Digital Ads: You may choose to boost your online presence by using things like Google Ads. With Google Ad’s you can pay for your website to be shown for specific keywords and search terms, again you can add call to actions, highlight certain services and link to landing pages. Social ads are also a great way to spread the word about your business. Use detailed targeting to ensure your ads are being seen by your customer base. Target by age, gender, location, job title, interests, relationship status and many more!

If you google your business what comes up? If you think your online presence is lacking and needs a boost let me know! I can help with a range of digital marketing, and for things I don’t have extensive knowledge on I can recommend people to help!

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