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How To Create Your First Email Funnel

Let's start with the basics. people call them different things:

Email funnels

Email sequences

Email workflows

...but they're basically the same thing.

They are a series of emails that guide your subscribers to do something, probably purchase.

Now, they can get complicated when you start to bring in different audience segments and rules. But this is your first funnel so we're going to start easy, with a WELCOME SEQUENCE

So here are the basics of how a funnel works. It starts with a trigger, so for instance somebody signs up to your mailing list, then you have an action, for instance, somebody signs up to your mailing list, then you send them a welcome email, then maybe you have a time delay of 2 days and send another email...

It's easier to imagine it if you look at the diagram below. This image shows a simple 4 email welcome sequence. Here are some tips for creating yours:

- Don't try and sell, sell, sell immediately!! Your goal is to get people to know, like and trust you, and then to buy from you will come naturally (with a little push from your emails!)

- Make sure to include testimonials and social proof on each email to build trust.

- Include outbound links, not only to your products but also your blogs, news, events etc.

- Don't bombard people, I would space emails evenly and send your welcome emails every 4 days

I love email marketing! And I'd love to help you get started with it in order to bring in more sales and more engaged followers and fans.

Join me on 27th January 7pm for my live group training, Grow + Convert: Email Marketing For Retailers

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