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The Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm changes all the time and essentially chooses who can see your content. For instance if you have 1000 followers, this doesn’t mean 1000 people see your posts. Below are a few tips on how you get the most from your posts and ensure they are being seen.

SAVES – It’s so so important to create content that your followers will save to refer back to later. Think of a ‘save’ as a super like ‘Likes’ are great, but how many times have you double tapped a photo on impulse and not really spent any time looking at the content? We give our ‘likes’ away freely but we’re more reserved with our ‘saves’. Instagram values and encourages interesting content, and a ‘save’ is how it knows it’s great content!

COMMENTS – I’m sure as a business you love to receive comments on your posts. But do you always reply? It’s so important to reply quickly and to all comments. If you have a little chat going on in the comments then this again is viewed as valuable content. And don’t forget… when you comment on your favourite posts, make sure you comment with more than 4 words, say something meaningful

SHARES – Sharing great posts is another way to ensure your favourite accounts are being seen. Are you creating content that people will want to share? Consider your target audience and the information that they will find useful.

LIKES – Now I know I said in the first point that these weren’t as important as saves, but its still important to show your appreciation so don’t stop double tapping your favourite posts!

As with all social media, the most important thing is to be ACTIVE, be CONSISTENT and be SOCIAL!!

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