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Mailchimp Vs Flodesk - 3 Reasons I Chose Flodesk & Haven't Looked Back

If this picture of sleek, styled email templates isn't enough to convince you that Flodesk is the place to be for email marketing then read on.

I used Mailchimp for years, with dozens of clients and for my own business and there was always something a bit clunky about the design. It never seemed to develop with changing styles and trends. But then I found Flodesk! With beautiful custom fonts and stylish collage-style templates, it was far from the big bulky blocks of Mailchimp.

So the fresh, modern styling was what attracted me to Flodesk, but what kept me there? Where do I start!

  1. The sheer ease of the whole process! The interface, like the designs, is simple and easy to navigate. Within minutes, set up an email that people WANT to open, create a sequence of welcome emails or create a sign-up form. All with their helpful and easy to use templates.

* Just a little tip for email sequences. I have found that when you welcome a new member to your list, it's best to tell them exactly what they can expect from you in terms of email correspondence, how they can unsubscribe and also give some tips/value before you start selling to them.

2. The price! After the free trial, you pay just $19 per month using my 50% off link below. As you probably know, Mailchimp prices increase based on how many subscribers you have. No need to worry about price increases with Flodesk which makes it easier to focus on building a great big list of engaged subscribers.

50% off -

3. Branding! You can save your colour palette which makes creating on-brand emails super fast. And, just look how beautiful their Instagram integration is?

If you need any more convincing, or if you would like some help with setting up Flodesk or creating your first email, head over to my Instagram page and send me a DM :)

*Please note, the link above is an affiliate link but I do use Flodesk myself and truly much prefer it to Mailchimp. I will only ever recommend products or services that I love and use myself.

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