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Handy Marketing Apps

These days there are so many tools and apps to assist you with your marketing that it’s tricky to know which ones are going to help you save time and which ones are gimmicky and full of ads. So I thought I’d let you know which ones I use and why I find them helpful.

1. Canva – You’ve probably heard of this one before. It’s a design tool I use for social media posts, leaflets, business cards, Instagram stories… anything really! Its so easy to use with lots of templates which is great if you’re lacking a creative flare and need some inspiration. I use the paid version which is around £10 a month and so worth it! You can save your brand colours and logos, you can resize designs for different platforms (as we all know how important it is to use correct image sizes!) you can save to your camera roll, share online and share designs within your team. If you need to create beautifully designed posts with no design experience this is for you! There is also a FREE version which actually has most of the useful features!

2. Image Size – Does what it says on the tin! This app is free and I use it to resize images for social media. Often when I’m creating a social media ad there are specific images size requirements… I just jump onto the app, open the image and resize using the buttons at the top, you can resize by pixels, mm, inches or cm. Easy! Then download to camera roll, email, share or even print.

3. PikTex – This is a FREE app with loads of stock imagery, there’s not too much more to say than that! I use it if I’m creating an ad and need an image. You can search using keywords or colour and it also has a range of popular or trending photos.

4. Clockify – This app is useful to me as I have a few different clients and projects that I’m working on at one time. This would be good for you if you’d like to see how many hours you or your staff members are clocking up on certain projects to assist you with time management. Just enter your client/project name and then you can start the timer when you start working and stop when your done. You can then look at your log at the end of the month and see how many hours have been spent on one client/project… and its FREE!

5. Mailchimp – I’m sure you’ve heard of this one! This is my go-to email marketing platform. It’s so easy to use and offers FREE and paid subscriptions. Great for keeping track of your email database, sending out easy to build email campaigns, setting up automated emails and creating landing pages this is the ideal platform for the marketing novice or expert. Connect to your social media, your website or your E-Commerce store to continue building and tracking behaviour of your database. With detailed analytics that give you valuable information about your customer behaviour and in turn allows you to target your audience effectively. This is a must have!

For more info on any of the above, or if you want to recommend any apps that you use to help with marketing then please feel free to message/email/call me!

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