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Email Vs Social Media

So, which is better for your business?! Email marketing or social media...⁠⁠


My advice would almost always be to use both. Here’s why ⬇️⁠⁠


✅ Email is amazing for delivering value while also funnelling your audience through the sales process. You can guide them to purchase, target them with content you know they want and closely monitor success. You can also use email marketing for your bottom on funnel strategies like increasing average spend, upselling, rewarding loyal customers and encouraging recommendations.


✅ Social media is where the 1:1 connections happen, where the trust is built, and where you can give more of an insight into the day to day of your business.⁠⁠ Mainly (not always!) used as a top of funnel marketing strategy, social media is ideal for broadcasting your message whilst also building up connections and relationships.


The good news is, these two forms of marketing go hand in hand. ⁠⁠Use social media to broadcast, attract and build an audience and email to nurture, funnel and sell to that audience.

If you’d like to know how you can incorporate email into your strategy, let me know, I'll love to help you :)


07717 102455


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