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5 Ways To Increase Post Reach

We all want to increase our reach, there's no denying it! So here are my 5 top tips to do so.⁠⁠

Use Reels: They have amazing potential to boost your page reach! Make sure you're keeping them on brand, fairly short, catchy (think engaging transitions) and use trending voice-over or audio. BONUS TIP - Make sure they are all super relevant to your business, you wouldn't want to attract loads of new followers from a reel that doesn't have anything to do with your biz.⁠⁠


Encourage Sharing: Simply ask people to share your post if they found it useful or they think their friends might be interested. It's easy, and you'll be surprised by how many people will share if asked to do so.

Tag People: Collaborate with someone in your industry, or who relates to your industry and then tag them. If your post is useful then you're basically 'piggy backing' on their followers too.⁠⁠

TIP: Make sure your collaboration is beneficial to both parties AND both audiences.


Use Call To Actions: Encourage engagement by asking people to comment below with their thoughts, or ask them questions. The idea here is you want to encourage as much interaction with your post as possible.⁠⁠


Be Relatable: It's sometimes a good idea to create posts that make people say 'yep, that's so me!' or 'I understand what they're going through' Not only does this encourage engagement, but also builds connections with your audience.⁠⁠


Did you find this post useful? I'd love it if you could share it 😊⁠⁠


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