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Social Media - What To Post & When

80/20 RULE - There used to be a rule with social media then said you should post 80% industry related content and only 20% self promotion or sales posts. While I still believe the balance should be tipped towards the content side the most effective thing to do would be to listen to your analytics. Which posts get the most engagement? Do certain types of posts receive more comments? Which posts are shared the most? Learn from the free insights tools on your social media platforms and post accordingly.

WHEN TO POST? - Again, analytics can help you here! There are so many articles suggesting the best times of day to post, and while it’s probably not ideal to post at 2am, it does differ for every business. Check your insights to see when your audience is online and interacting with your content. Also use your initiative a bit... if you’re doing B2B marketing then maybe posting at the weekend or 5:30 on a Friday isn't the best option for you. Where are your target audience? Are they local or are they in a different time zone? Use the info you have at your fingertips to get the most from each post.

ENGAGEMENT! - What we’re all looking for on our posts is engagement. So make sure you’re offering your audience valuable content; give them tips, write blogs, record vlogs, ask them questions, make use of the Instagram story features. Do polls, do a Q&A, collaborate with someone in your industry... this is all interesting content that will get engagement and in turn give your posts wider reach.

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