Your Essential Content Creation Guide - Product Biz

Your Essential Content Creation Guide - Product Biz


I have created this guide for small business owners (product businesses) who struggle to plan & create content for their Instagram page.


I've been working in social media for 7 years and I understand, it's hard to consistently create great content. But over the years I've refined my processes and now I'm sharing them with you!


I want small biz owners to have fun and limit the stress around creating content :) 


Guide Includes:


Defining Goals

Identifying Your Target Audience

Types of Content

The Purpose of Your Content

Content Strategy – Planning, Creating, Scheduling & Tools


Content Creation Sins

Prompts & Titles

Repurposing Content

What To Post On Stories

Ideas & Inspiration

Review Your Analytics


4 free Canva Templates 


Free template to identify your target audience 


Free guide to realistic goal setting