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Your Guide To Repurposing Your Content

What Is Repurposing Content?

Repurposing your content means reposting some of your content in a different format. For instance, you may turn a blog post into a carousel post? Or a Tik Tok into a reel?

Why Should You Repurpose Your Content

- Some people prefer graphics, some prefer videos, some prefer long form content - you’ll attract different people with each format.

- You may have new followers since you posted it the first time, or your current followers may not have seen it.

- It will save you time!

My Top Tips For Repurposing Content

- Choose content that you posted at least 2.5 months ago - if it’s too recent it may look like you are scrabbling for ideas.

- Choose some content that performed well the first time it was posted as it’s likely to do well again.

- Tailor your content for the new format. For instance, don’t just copy and paste a blog into a carousel post. Break it up, shorten it slightly, make it easy to consume.

If you'd like to k ow more about time saving content creation, then please feel free to contact me :) My Instagram For Business coaching session will help you with this.

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