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Optimize your profiles & your content to attract YOUR ideal customer 

In just 4 weeks you will have:

Optimised social media profiles that ATTRACT your ideal customer

A strategic plan to build an ENGAGED following that are primed and ready to buy

A schedule to work to, not just for posting but for engaging and SELLING too

A CONTENT plan with plenty of ideas & prompts so you're no longer struggling to create content

The knowledge to use all of the features to your advantage


How many times do you get a message request and hope its a potential customer and it turns out to be an invite to a follow loop! Its frustrating isn't it? My 4 week strategy package is ideal for you if you'd like to see more comments, more DM's more email replies and interaction from people who are actually interested in your business and what you have to offer. 

We will be working together and I'll be on hand every step of the way. Think of me as an extension to your business! Your cheer leader, fully invested in your success

So What's Included...


A Discovery Call

A Social Media Audit

4 Hours of 1-2-1 Coaching 

4 weeks of What's App Support


We'll cover:

Setting realistic and measurable goals

Identifying & speaking to your target audience

Competitor analysis 

Creating a schedule for posting, engaging and selling

Using all of your platforms together to get the best results 

Content repurposing and time-saving methods 

How to reach out to potential customers

Creating Reels & Reels Best Practices

Tips For Talking on Stories

Resources To Take Away Include - Tailored Hashtag Strategy, Client Persona Template, 3 Canva post templates, Content Prompts

Discounted 'Power Hours' if you need any further help following our coaching

Just £597


3 monthly payments of £199


This isn't just about increasing your follower number!

This package is about growing an engaged following to increase the chances of converting FOLLOWERS to CUSTOMERS

This package is ideal for you if you're a small biz owner looking to make the most of your online marketing and fulfil the potential of your business.


I speak to lots of people who are frustrated by lack of engagement and interest in their posts, who are often struggling to create content and who spend little to no time engaging and reaching out to potential customers and who have no clear plan to convert customers...this package is for those people!

' Having Becky look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes gave me an amazing insight into how my audience sees my business. In the period of one month, I have gained about 300 followers, my grid is BEAUTIFUL, I have interesting content and I am constantly so excited to post the next image.'

‘I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a bit of marketing help as I have had a lot more enquiries since!’

‘We’d recommend Becky to any small business who is aware of the importance of social media as a marketing channel, but doesn’t know how to harness its potential.‘

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